1. Pan-Pot
    Berlin, Germany
  2. Amelie Lens
    Antwerp, Belgium
  3. Michael Klein
    Berlin, Germany
  4. Industrialyzer
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  5. Rocko Garoni
    Berlin, Germany
  6. Wigbert
    Offenbach, Germany
  7. BEC
    Berlin, Germany
  8. Clint Stewart
    San Francisco, California
  9. The Reason Y
    Berlin, Germany
  10. Reform
  11. roman lindau
    Berlin, Germany
  12. Chris Hirose
  13. Stephan Hinz
    Berlin, Germany
  14. Joyhauser
  15. Charly Schaller
    Berlin, Germany
  16. Gary Beck
    Scotland, UK
  17. Lerio Corrado
  18. Luigi Madonna
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  19. DEAS
    Kraków, Poland


Second State Berlin, Germany

Second State is a platform Pan-Pot call home, acting as a label through which they can release tracks, host events, showcase fashion and present visual ideas to Techno lovers and dance-floor soldiers from all over the world.

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